That’s how I would like my meal to be every day! A sensory experience combining pure and strong flavors made of high quality products.


The menu’s profile is a creative blend of Mediterranean cuisine with international touches. “Axinos” (sea urchin) restaurant at Rocabella Hotel & Spa in Santorini (Imerovigli, tel: 2286-023711) upgrades its menu this year even more, while offering the unique view of the world’s most beautiful scenery, the caldera sunset. What makes the difference in the menu created by chef Giorgos Kaperas is its special profile, as it is a beautiful combination of fine dining and comfort food. This is a high-end gastronomy menu with rich and hearty dishes. The menu includes meat, seafood, risotto and salads, while Yannis Kallanis’ desserts perform delightful gastronomic recitals.
A salad with rocket, shrimp and scallops was the first to open my appetite to continue with “fury” on the rest. The seafood was so delicious, so juicy, so flawlessly caramelized, combined with goat yoghurt with lemongrass flavor, a light and delicious dish that met my expectations for the rest of the menu.


I also tasted the sea urchin risotto. The rice was impeccably poured and boiled to the exact point, iodine flavored by the sea urchin. An intense less-is-more dish finely cooked, which I strongly recomend. The beef tartar is another top dish from the Axinos new menu. Quite smoked, but not too intense, shallots, caper, a touch of yogurt sauce – truffle and smoked egg yolk.


The crayfish is one of the most delicious seafood of this year’s summer menu. They are so juicy and delicately cooked and they even have grill taste. They are served on pebbles with avocado and yogurt sauce. In the end, warm water with lemon juice is provided so you can wash your hands.


The octopus with fava and trout brulee is definitely the most beautiful dish of the menu. It’s an alternative presentation of the traditional fava dish with octopus of the island, but the bit sweet trout “brakes” the intense earthy aroma of the legume and gives a balance to the dish.


The sea bass fricassee was also a top dish. A juicy fish with crispy skin and tapioca on top for garnish. The greens for the fricassee are not the usual ones, as the modern Asian kale has been used in their place. This dish was accompanied by lobster mayonnaise. Closing my dinner a bit saturated, I really tucked into the desserts.
Reservation is required.

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