When you’re visiting Athens and can’t stand to eat another pita-souvlaki or mousaka (life’s hard we know), check out capital’s Chinese options. The city boasts many restaurants that will make you wanna pick up the bowl to slurp the last drop. Time to find out where to fill up on Chinese inspired cuisine…


China’s Fantasy
Nice style interior -not really Asian though- with delicious soups, crispy spring rolls, shrimp, pork, chicken or veggie dumplings and a great noodle variety. There are also some sushi and sashimi choices…
32 Kabouroglou str., Neo Psihiko, tel. 210 6749889


This cozy restaurant uses Asian influences, modern cooking techniques and both local and imported ingredients, so you will be served Chinese but also Vietnamese, Polynesian and Japanese cuisine. Magnificent buffet every Sunday…
50 Kiprou str., Agia Paraskevi, tel. 210 6008936


China’s food & Fantasy
Do grab your chopsticks and drive directly here for your choice of Peking duck, all-star pies, egg and rice noodles as well as an abundance of fried rice dishes, sweet and sour chicken and even some sushi choices. Rich buffet on Wednesday evening and Sunday noon at reasonable prices.
207 Sigrou Avenue, Nea Smirni, tel. 210 9345271

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Asian Taste
Craving mind-numbingly good, flavorful hot gong bao, dim sum, sweet and sour pork, Peking duck and fried rice? This is the right place for you. The menu is printed separately in Chinese as well for a total Chinese experience!
116 Keramikou str., Gazi, tel. 210 3410828


Attic Moon
Thai/Chinese restaurant that serves nice Peking duck and really good hot fish soup with chili and lots of garlic! The waiters are Chinese so you might find it a little confusing to order, but you will eat well nonetheless!
10-12 Xenofondos str., Sintagma, tel. 210 3227095


Golden Phoenix
Really good food and service! Choose among the meat balls, wontons, sweet/sour prawns and veggies, pork spare ribs, chicken tempura, veg spring rolls, noodles, mixed veg rice and sushi choices.
13 Konstantinoupoleos str., Glifada, tel. 210 9644889 /  96 Trikoupi & Gortinias str., Nea Erithrea, tel. 210 8013588


…as in Beijing! A small and cozy restaurant in two floors with modern decoration. The Ipad menu really helps you choose among crunchy spring rolls, nice steam dumplings with pork or chicken, chili fish or beef hot pot -really hot- all in large portions! And fried ice-cream to satisfy your sweet tooth.
13 Nikis str., Sintagma, tel. 211 2159352


East Pearl
This is the place to feed your taste buds but it is small so get reservations if you can. Open kitchen, nice decor, supportive staff and a rich menu with delicious sweet & sour chicken wings, fried rice with veggies, steam dumplings with pork or shrimp and very crunchy Peking duck carved in front of you. Plus, some sushi choices…
2 Apollonos & Nikis str., Sintagma, tel. 210 3211218

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