Try these stuffed fennel bulbs today! They are full of flavors and aroma! The meat is really tender and the sauce matches them perfectly!

Serves: 4 Prep. time: 20′ + 10′ waiting Cooks in: 1:15′ Ready in: 1:35′

100 g green olives, pitted
130 ml fresh lemon juice
250 ml fresh orange juice
2 tbsp flour
½ tsp turmeric
salt, black pepper

For the filling
8 fennel bulbs
2 lemons, juiced
400 g ground beef
100 g ground lamb
1 large red onion
½ tsp cumin, powder
½ tsp nutmeg, powder
8 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
2 eggs
1 tsp fresh spearmint
salt, black pepper

Step 1
Wash the fennel bulbs and trim the bottoms slightly. Chop the stalks with leaves on top, making sure that only you are left with the 2/3 of the bulbs. Using a spoon remove the inner part of the bulbs, making sure the outer leaves remain intact. Place emptied bulbs in a large bowl with cold, salted water for 10 minutes and half lemon juice.

Step 2
Bring a large saucepan of salted water to the boil. Add remaining lemon juice and boil fennel bulbs for 20-25 minutes until tender. Drain and transfer in an oven-proof dish with lid. Preheat oven to 220 C/ fan.

Step 3
For the filling: In a bowl mix all ground meat. Whizz the reserved inner part of the bulbs with onion and add to the meat along with remaining ingredients. Mix until well combined.

Step 4
Stuff bulbs with the filling, season with salt and pepper, add olives in the ovenproof dish, drizzle with orange and lemon juice and olive oil. Cover with lid and bake for 45-50 minutes.

Step 5
Transfer bulbs on a serving platter and drain all dish liquid in a bowl. In a small pan heat 2 tbsp oil and mix with 1 tbsp flour, mixing with an egg beater for 1 minute. Add reserved liquid, turmeric and allow the sauce to come to a boil and thicken. Serve fennels warm, drizzling with sauce on top.

Photo: Studio M – Food styling: Makis Georgiadis – Styling: Katerina Lykouresi

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