Going vegan is easier than ever before – as easy as 1, 2, 3! If you don’t believe us, we are here to make it even easier! Here are some Greek recipes that will make your mouths water the most! Best of all, all ingredients can be found easily at grocery stores in your neighbourhood!

1. Tasty quinoa, broccoli and sweet potato salad

This salad is full of great veggies! Nutritious and super-satisfying! Ideal for those on a diet and for vegans! Get the recipe here

2. Creamy couscous & tahini soup

It’s creamy, it’s savory, it’s nutritious and so quick! Get the recipe here

3. Eggplant, tomato and rosemary lentil salad

A tasty, nutritional and healthy salad with lentils you’ll certainly love! Get the recipe here

4. Carrot, ginger and lavender soup

Low-fat and warming, this vegetable soup is a healthy way to introduce a meal… Get the recipe here

5. Lentil soup

Lentils are a healthy, meaty-tasting Mediterranean dish which cooks far faster than beans. Add celery, red pepper, carrot and spinach if you like for an extra boost of flavor and vitamins! Get the recipe here

6. Bean soup

Fasolada is considered Greece’s national dish and is definitely one of the most traditional Greek recipes. Try it out! Get the recipe here

7. Cabbage with rice and leeks

A simple, quick, and tasty dish. Enjoy! Get the recipe here

8. Oven baked potato wedges with orange juice

Easy oven baked potato wedges, very fragrant and tender! Get the recipe here

9. Hot chickpeas with chopped tomato and carrot

A delicious filling salad with chickpeas carrots, peas, tomatoes and a delicious dressing. Get the recipe here

10. Chickpeas with leek and tomato
revythia kokkinista me praso

The leek adds a delicate sweet flavor to the dish. Get the recipe here

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