Fresh, light and more than simply delicious!

Serves: – Preparation time: 15′ Cook in: 5′ Ready in: 20′

3 kiwis, diced
20 fresh strawberries, diced
100gr blueberries
100gr red berries
1 orange, sliced
1½ lime, juiced and zested

For the syrup
300ml water
100gr sugar
1 lemon, juiced
40gr honey
1 green tea teabag


Step 1
For the syrup: In a pan heat water with sugar and lemon juice. When starts boiling remove pan from heat and add honey. Stir. Leave the teabag in the warm syrup to infuse for 4-5 minutes. Discard teabag and leave to cool completely.

Step 2
In a bowl toss kiwis, strawberries, all the berries, orange slices and lime juice and zest.

Step 3
Pour syrup all over the salad and serve in bowls, decorating with a few mint leaves.

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