It’s Halloween and you’re planning to throw a party! So we took the liberty of searching videos on YouTube and we came across 7 recipes guaranteed to freak out your guests…

They are easy and taste better than they appear! And most importantly, you will, too, get a weird satisfaction out of seeing how these recipes create amazing, ghoulish goodies for this annual holiday.

Enjoy the video and these impressing Halloween food ideas by BuzzFeed Nifty.

Click on SHOW MORE on the video and take a look on the ingredients and everything you’ll need to prepare the creepy recipes…

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Our favorite recipe is the following:

Meathead Charcuterie

You’ll need:
1 plastic skull
plastic wrap
prosciutto slices
pickled olives

How to:
1. Cover a plastic skull with plastic food wrap.
2. Use thin slices of prosciutto to cover the plastic skull. Leave the eye sockets, nose hole and teeth uncovered.
3. Carefully make an incision on the plastic around the eye sockets. Insert pickled olives in the sockets to create the eyes.
4. Place the meathead on a platter and add cheese and crackers.

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