Healthy mediterranean food with low calories and fat, and a-below-zero Glycemic index, cholesterol and saturated fat free menu. Briefly, that’ s was the profile of an unexpected gastronomic-and totally healthy-experience.

I was thoughtful of how likely is it for such a menu to “work” in terms of flavors but when I tried it, I absolutely loved it. The “Throubi Restaurant” in Imerovigli, Santorini (Andronis Concept, tel. 22860-36.737), sets a new culinary milestone. It removes butter from the kitchen and replaces it with extra virgin olive oil, eliminates fried food and promotes raw food instead and with the best raw materials presents a brand new menu consisted of dishes with shocking flavors and aromas.


The dinner of happiness in the “raw” category was a set up of thoroughly selected products. The executive chef Pavlos Kyriakis welcomes the guests with three stuffed bites, which are a characteristic introductionof the menu that follows. White taramosalata in a crisp “cushion”, tomato salad with a “shield” of pepper jelly and herring eggs wrapped in thin sheet of swede. The flavor of every ingredient was delicate, the combinations an ode to taste, the texture of every dish was ideal and techniques such as spherifications gave an extra added value to the dished.


The fresh crab carpaccio was by far the most delicious dish I have tasted this year. Slightly sweet and salty the flavors of each ingredient are unique and perfectly balanced. The colorful quinoa of the next dish was properly boiled and with as much salt as needed as the basis for the ceviche sea bass. The pomegranate sauce was successfully teeming with aromas and a little stifled, the dish that was made from both earth and sea. Tasty and hearty at the same time.

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The crescendo continued with salmon tartar wrapped in swede. And for garnish crunchy kale leaf, dehydrated but not fried. The canelloni shaped swede was cool, slightly spicy, fresh and crispy and the fish was properly marinated in thia flavor packed dish.

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The sea bass fish with avruga (caviar – golden herring), radish and sanguinello (blood orange) sauce was the star of the menu. The salty golden herring caviar and dew and the slight spice of the radish co-existed harmoniously creating a mix of flavors that accompanied the sea bass fish.


I also tasted some cooked dishes too. I picked up the grouper with a celery fricassee, fish roe and lime foam. The fish was moist, with a thin, crispy crust and lime aromas which balanced the intensity of the usually strong celery.

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The epilogue of the meal was a cheese cake made of strawberry jam and red fruit, low fat cream and cheese and for crumple “innocent” barley cracker. I also tasted the exquisite marquise with chocolate namelaka and mango sorbet which were the ideal way to complete my dinner experience.

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