Semeli Gewürztraminer, a brand new white wine, is produced from grapes grown in the company-owned single vineyard located near the Zevgolatio township in the region of Mantinia at an altitude of 650m. This variety hailing from Alsace, France, has adapted well to the area’s clay soil and particular weather conditions, marked by heavy winters and warm summers with low night-time temperatures, aided by favorable wind currents flowing from the nearby Artemisio and Oligyrtos mountain ranges that gently caress the vines throughout the year.


Of a translucent golden-yellow color with green highlights, the Semeli Gewürztraminer 2017 features an attractive and seductive nose with both ripe and unripe white-fleshed fruit, such as Comice pears and other exotics on a floral backdrop, with violet and jasmine making a bold statement. Robust and well-structured in the mouth with pleasant acidity balanced by citrus aromas, leading the palate to a pleasing oily feel completed by a lingering, fragrant aftertaste that leaves you with no choice but to refill your glass!

Semeli Gewürztraminer works perfectly with aromatic and acidic dishes. Best enjoyed with seafood, grilled or marinated fish, seafood risotto or pasta, enriched green salads, tempura and white meat dishes, as well as with particularly acidic Japanese, Peruvian and nouvelle Greek cuisine recipes.

Serving temperature: 8-10οC

Bottles produced: 3,866

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