The new dry red wine was presented during a special event at the White Rabbit wine bar. The latest addition to Semeli’s line-up, AETHERIA RED 2015, a Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon blend aged for 12 months in the winery’s cool cellar, joined the white AETHERIA, launched two years ago.


The company’s primary goal is to increase the premium label ratio in its sales mix, which will boost future sales and significantly improve profit margins. In support of this goal, the company is currently upgrading its production infrastructure and expanding its vineyard holdings to ensure the highest wine quality possible. “Semeli’s vision is to establish a world-class wine related destination in Nemea for Greeks and foreign visitors alike, and to raise awareness of the estate and its labels in Greece and abroad, making it a milestone in winemaking” noted board member and shareholder Myrto Giannakopoulos Sallas.

For the past 38 years Semeli has been blending an age old viticultural tradition with the latest advances in winemaking. Focusing on high quality exports, the Semeli winery consistently invests in improving its infrastructure, production and ancillary facilities. As a result, today Semeli is one of the country’s most significant wine-related developments.


This year, Semeli is investing over 1.5 million euros in production and hospitality infrastructure upgrades, one of the largest investments in the Greek winemaking industry. Our wine-related investments to date have exceeded 12 million euros.

As noted Myrto Giannakopoulos Sallas, “the investment plan will upgrade production with state of the art equipment and advanced vinification systems, making Semeli a benchmark winery by both Greek and international standards.” Facility upgrades will include a new wine showroom and gift shop, as well as areas dedicated to wine-tasting, seminars and product presentations. Moreover, the winery’s main hall will become available for private events, while the aging cellar will be rearranged to offer more “immersive” tasting experiences to visiting wine lovers. High-end accommodations flanking the main facility will be developed in the near future.

Chief oenologist and General Manager Leonidas Nassiakos stated that Semeli is one of the country’s leading wineries, adding that one of its main objectives is to double exports, which currently account for 15% of total sales, in the next three years. Semeli wines are currently being exported to the USA, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Germany, the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Cyprus, China, Singapore, Korea, Thailand and West Africa among others. Having adopted an outward looking approach, Semeli consistently pursues strong partnerships with wine distribution and promotion networks worldwide. 2017 was an exceptional year, with Semeli wines receiving a record number of international awards.



Syrah 40%, Merlot 40%, Cabernet Sauvignon 20%. Dry Red Varietal Wine, 14% alcohol by volume.

Eye: Bright ruby red color with purple highlights.

Nose: Elegant and complex in the nose, with the aromas of all three varieties expressed in a firm and perfectly balanced way and without a single one of them outshining the rest. Notes of ripe and juicy succulent red fruit, blueberry and blackcurrant jam, oriental spices reminiscent of licorice and cardamom, pleasant herbal notes, cedar, ink and cocoa.

Mouth: The expectations for the mouth raised by the complex, balanced and elegant nose, are totally met, as the signature varietal traits unfold gradually. Generous and spicy, with round, quite soft tannins, well balanced by alcohol, this wine brings a full mouthfeel to the palate. Aromas of red fruit jam, as well as dried dark fruit, sweet spices and herbs blend harmoniously with those in the nose. Barrel aging is also evident, with characters of chocolate and vanilla, while the finish is pleasant and fresh.

SEMELI AETHERIA RED 2015 matches superbly with classic or traditional Greek dishes, including braised meat in fresh tomato sauce, moussaka and pastitsio. Also pairs well with creative Greek and Italian cuisine. It is perfectly suited to accompany grilled or roasted meats with a crispy skin, like pork shanks, as well as sous vide meats, like juicy veal cheeks. One of the wine’s key advantages is that it pairs well with a broad range of dishes, making it not only an excellent food wine but also a safe choice whether eating at home or dining out. Moreover, being a soft and easy sipper, it is a charming drinking experience by itself.

Best served at 16°C in a large wine glass. Decanting is a must to get the most out of the wine’s bouquet.

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