Tsoureki, this amazing sweet bread, is a big, big part of the Easter holiday in Greece, and if you haven’t tried it yet, then you are certainly missing out! If you find yourselves in Greece during Easter holidays, you are lucky! We’ve scoured our sources to find you the absolute best tsoureki to satisfy that sweet tooth! Here are our personal favorite choices that are worth checking out!

This bakery, situated below the hill of the Acropolis, has it all! Bread, cakes, pies, cookies… And of course, soft, fluffy tsoureki, in mouthwatering variations: plain or with chocolate chips, with chocolate and cherries or almonds, and its masterpiece with chocolate, orange, almond and raisins! Don’t forget to fill your basket with other Easter goodies before you leave, such as Easter cookies and mini pies filled with halva and apple!

14 Misaraliotou, Koukaki, Athens, (Thissio / Makriyanni), tel. +30 210 9230052


Dimitra Gounaridi
You must stop by here to taste the Gounaridi brothers’ amazing pies with homemade phyllo pastry or buy your own phyllo for amazing bakes at home! They also make tsoureki with fresh ingredients, full of aroma, a beautiful brown semi-soft crust and an amazing stringy texture – mama’s recipe! If you chocolate lovers, you will find tsoureki loaves kneaded with chocolate ganache here!

5 Evangelikis Sholis, Nea Ionia, tel. +30 210 2712548

A most beloved pastry shop in Palaio Faliro that bakes one of the best tsoureki in Athens. It owes its full and rich flavour to the two aromatic spices used in this traditional tsoureki recipe, mastic and mahleb, that give a really characteristic taste and smell. Buy it plain or stuffed with chocolate spread. Either way, you will love it!

53 Naiadon, Palaio Faliro, tel. +30 210 9821927



Karaköy Güllüoğlu
This is a well-known Turkish pastry shop you may have come across in Istanbul. Two shops situated in Sintagma Square and in Palaio Faliro sell good quality products (including savory options) mostly baklava in every variation imaginable! Try tsoureki as well, that comes directly from Istanbul by plane, in two really tasty versions, plain or stuffed with chocolate spread! Totally worth it!

10 Nikis, Sintagma Square, tel. + 30 210 3213959 / 5 Agiou Alexandrou, Palaio Faliro, tel. + 30 210 9840733

Amazing breads! And even more delicious tsoureki breads with chocolate or chestnut filling! If you are up for something a little more Italian, try “colomba pasquale”, the Italian version of the Easter sweet bread with white amaretto glaze!

12 Matrozou, Koukaki, Athens, tel. +30 210 9249527

Since 1967, Lido is an all around winner! It has been baking one of the best tsoureki in Athens in three flavours to choose the one that will satisfy your sweet tooth the most: with chocolate or chestnut filling and with olive oil instead of butter, in a little healthier version!

35 Chremonidou, Pagrati, Athens, tel. +30 210 7516898


Rita’s cookies
Mrs Rita Amiralian is so sweet as her amazing cookies and all the other delicious treats that she bakes with love and fresh ingredients! During the Easter holiday she bakes beautiful tsoureki bread as well, with the most amazing stringy texture and intense spice aromas ever! Try it plain or with chocolate and prunes or walnuts. Just close your eyes and taste, they are like paradise.

40 Domokou, Palia Kokkinia, Piraeus, tel. +30 210 4912323

Their product range includes a wide variety of Greek and international goodies. The mouthwatering list features fantastic pastries, which have become traditional favorites, such as the tsoureki bread in many variations – we absolutely love the one with the chestnut filling and white chocolate glaze! It’s superb!!! Ran into this gem and you won’t be able to stay away.

100-102 Papanikoli, Chalandri, tel. +30 210 6840020 / The Mall Athens, Marousi, tel. +30 210 6106535 / Golden Hall, Marousi, tel. +30 210 6832370

This organic pastry shop offers you a variety of new products based on seasonal fruits and many fasting-friendly treats that maintain their popularity off season as well. Don’t miss the chocolate eggs & animals, their Easter cookies with mastic (available with no sugar or gluten free as well) and tsoureki breads with mastic, mahleb & freshly squeezed orange juice or with chocolate, toasted hazelnuts and peanut butter! Divine!

450 Mesogion Ave., Agia Paraskevi, tel. +30 210 6090740 & 98 Kifisias Ave., Marousi, tel. +30 211 4069267

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