This is not an ordinary omelette to start your day with. However, If you decide to have it for breakfast, you will feel like royalty.

Serves: 4  Preparation time: 15m Cooks in: 30m Ready in: 45m

8 eggs
8 fresh asparagus spears
1 tsp. fresh butter
2 tsp. olive oil
2 green onions, chopped
1 tsp. dill, chopped
80g. smoked salmon, diced
2 tsp. sour cream
100g. cream cheese
4 tsp. chopped dill
salt and pepper

Prepare the asparagus
Step 1
Peel the asparagus spears, cut the hard part at the base, tie them in a bunch and boil upright in saucepan with salted water for 10 minutes, making sure the tender tops stay out of the water.

Step 2
Heat the butter in a pan and sauté the asparagus spears for 3-4 minutes. Take them aside and keep warm.

Prepare the omelette
Step 1
Add olive oil to pan and sauté the onions lightly.

Step 2
Beat in a bowl the eggs with the cream, a tablespoon of dill, salt and pepper. Pour the mixture on the onions and cook until the omelet is cooked underneath. With the help of a dish turn the omelette so it can be perfectly cooked and then place it in a platter.

Step 3
Mix the cheese with dill and salmon in a bowl.

Step 1
Cut the omelette in 4 and serve each dish as follows: Place on each piece two asparagus spears and a spoonful of the salmon-cheese-dill mixture.

Photos: Vagelis Paterakis, Food Styling: Elena Jeffrey

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