Sweet, plum-flavored liqueur for great gifts or to indulge in by itself!

Serves: 1lt Preparation time: 20′Ready in: 20′ + 1-1,5 month waiting

1 kg plums
1 lt good quality vodka
200g granulated sugar
6-8 cloves
5-6 coriander seeds


Step 1
Wash plums and part dry with kitchen paper. Prick plums everywhere with a fork. Pit if you like. Place in a large glass container that seals well, add sugar, spices and vodka. Seal bottle tightly and shake well to partly dissolve sugar. Place in the sun, for 1-1½ months, shacking the bottle once or twice a day.

Step 2
Place a strainer over a large bowl and strain liqueur. Press plums with the back of a wooden spoon and discard plum pulp. Re-strain liqueur through cloth until clear, and bottle as desired. For best results, age for another month.

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